In the Weeds: Waiting for a Living

a documentary by Cheryl Hess & Melissa Thompson

1997 Silver Apple winner, National Educational Media Network

1997 Sony VISIONS OF U.S. winner, second place, Non-Fiction category

"You only need to have eaten in a restaurant once to find IN THE WEEDS both hilarious and uniquely absorbing, focusing as it does on completely irreverent waiters and waitresses who tell stories from the other side of the counter. Interspersing archival training films and Hollywood images, this video also sheds light on such issues as the profession's lack of benefits, and on restaurants as havens for lesbian and gay workers" -- Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema's Festival of Independents Program.

upcoming screening: The Dallas Video Festival, March 5-8

o n  t h e  m e n u

  • Do waiters make more money (than waitresses)?
  • Classical stereotypes (Why would I be a waitress if I wasn't stupid and lazy?)
  • Stiffs and more stiffs
  • Waiting tables may be hazardous to your health
  • The only reason I came out was because I worked in a restaurant
  • It's a very hard business to get out of

s t a r r i n g

Ami Brown   Catherine Hennessy   Nonna Marie Riekert   Mary Conway   Brenda Paul   Bonnie Schumann   Ricki Shugart   Bobby Malara   Tony Entwistle   Bridget McKenney   Kim Kaufell   Lisa Drake   Nancy Donovan   Diane Messinger   Nancy Higgins   Liz Blengino   Dara   Mary Kratofilow   Lorraine Steele   Carman Luntzel   Judy Wicks   Howard Chambers   Martha Hitchings

p a r t i c i p a t i n g   r e s t a u r a n t s

The Sansom Street Oyster House   Cafe NOLA   The White Dog Cafe   Judy's Cafe   Anthony's Old City Pub   Silk City

a b o u t  t h e  m a k e r s

Universal Newsreel stories, "Dips Better'n Tips," about a waitress
who gets her pilot's license and "Waitresses Earn More than Extra."

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