Come in and See: The Shankill Women's Center

Take a tour of the innovative Shankill Women's Centre, dedicated to providing education, training and childcare to working class women in the predominantly Protestant Shankill community of Belfast. Says director Anne McVicker, following their loss of funding, "I think we were punished because we dared to work across the divide," because of their support of a Nationalist women's center. The center has chosen to stand by women's issues, even when it means crossing the sectarian divide. "When you look at men, Nationalist, Unionist, and even the churches, what they all have in common is their oppression of women. In the end it doesn't matter who's oppressing you, or what their politics are." Learn about the center's cultural programs from Education Coordinator Heather Floyd, who discusses the huge impact that women's centers have had in Nothern Ireland, and hear from women who use the center and see how it has changed their lives.

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Interview with Anne McVicker
Interview with Heather Floyd
Interview with Eileen Weir
Round table discussion with centre participants

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25 minutes

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