Thanks to Loukia Moussolides, who encouraged me to get in touch with Shaz Oye -- AIDS activist, lesbian activist, anti-racist activist and Executive Director of the Dublin AIDS Alliance. Since the time of this interview in 1999, Shaz has left DAA and has gone on to a successful career in music - hailed as, "One of the best voices to emerge recently onto the Irish Scene." Visit Shaz Oye's web site!:

Interview with Shaz Oye - November, 1999

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Visit Shaz Oye's web site!:

Dublin AIDS Alliance
The Eriu Centre, 53 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1. Tel 01 8733799 Fax 01 8733174 E Mail

ARASI (Assn. of Refugees & Asylum Seekers in Ireland)

Cairde - non-governmental agency providing support to people infected or affected by HIV/ AIDS

Irish women and AIDS

Gay & Lesbian / HIV and AIDS Resources in Dublin

Lesbian Education and Awareness project

Racism in ireland

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