Excerpt from interview in progress...

I. M. : Okay, my name is Inez McCormack. I am the president of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, which is the labor movement that covers the island of Ireland. I actually come from the North of Ireland, which is fairly unusual to hold this position. And I am the first woman president of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. Going into the next millennium, I don't regard that as something to be complimented about, you know. That should be the rule rather than the exception.

M. T. : Well, you're very optimistic.

I. M. : No, it is great that there is a woman president, but... it shouldn't be the exception. I should be the norm. I also think that the position is as good as the hundreds of thousands of women who are still in the invisible work force are recognized -- that their recognition is more real than my presidency.