Interview with Eileen Weir, Shankill Women's Centre

December, 2002

Thanks to Louise Spence of the Shankill Women’s Centre, I had the pleasure of meeting Eileen Weir, who originally came on board as a volunteer in the centre and now works there full-time, coordinating the innovative Culture and Diversity project, among other things. Over the course of several weeks, Eileen put together some amazing events for us to videotape, including an informative round table discussion with several women users of the centre. On this recent trip back to Ireland, I had no funding for hiring crew but instead relied on the generous help of friends. For this interview, while I was videotaping, my friend and journalist Eliza Amon conducted the interview.

If you don't know anything about the Shankill area of Belfast, you may want to visit the Greater Shankill Partnership website for some history: http://www.shankillpartnership.com/about.htm.

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